Warwick International Hotels ( PENDING PHOTOS )

About This Project

Immediately after the Cyclone Pam, Tim Fleming from PAC*PRO was asked to go to Vanuatu to work with WLLRS to assess and assist with the rebuilding of the resort as quickly as possible. We spent 2 days itemising every area of damage. These damaged areas were the main kitchen, chillers and freezer equipment, buffet equipment, pool bar and beach bars, pool pumps and equipment, bedroom (curtains, bed runners, door lock replacements), cushions and seating in receptions and the Wild Ginger restaurant, Gymnasium equipment. Within 3 weeks of Cyclone Pam, the resort was up and running, once again offering their guests the resort experience. PAC*PRO pulled all stops to get replacement equipment to WLLRS as quickly as possible which enabled to get them up and running in such a quick time.

Design, Install, showcase, Supply